Just one more week to get our collectible gift boxes!

12/25/2016  By Richard

All good things must come to an end, and on January 1st our beautiful new collectible Gift boxes will go back "into the vault" until next holiday season!

Stop by our concession stand during regular business hours, or email info@kigginstheatre.com to arrange to pick one up.

These custom laser cut boxes (which also are great for transporting your cup and bowl when coming to see a movie) come with one of our sturdy refillable Popcorn bowls, 2 general admission movie tickets, and a voucher for both a free popcorn and drink refill. Customize the package by picking either an 80th Anniversary wine or beer glass or one our awesome new (and much improved) refillable soda cups for just $55!

Take it to the next level and add one of our t-shirts for just $10 more! That’s an $78 value for just $65!

So hurry in before it's too late! Buy one for yourself and one for the movie fan in your life!